20+ Viral Maternity Photoshoot Ideas in Dubai

Is your little world about to get bigger? Is your tiny loved one on their way? Then, this is the best time to keep a memoir of this moment! From more than 1000 types of maternity photoshoot ideas and poses, we have gathered the best 20+ poses for pregnancy photoshoots that are handpicked by our own professional photographers. Be it your first pregnancy or you’ve been parents before, capturing these cute and overwhelming moments is highly important.  

These poses and ideas are picked for this list so that they can highlight the beauty and happiness of this time in your life. These unique ideas, captured with the best photography agency in Dubai, will help you celebrate your pregnancy in the best way possible! Let’s delve deeper into the details of these best maternity photoshoot ideas.

Maternity Photoshoot

1. Embracing the Mother’s Belly from Behind

In this pose, the partner gently hugs his pregnant wife’s belly from behind. It beautifully captures their joy and love as they look forward to the baby’s arrival. It’s a simple yet meaningful pose, ideal for showing their close bond and excitement, all set against a natural backdrop.

Embracing the Mother’s Belly from Behind Maternity Photoshoot

2. Mother’s Solo Photoshoot  

Focusing solely on the pregnant lady, this pregnancy photoshoot idea reflects the beauty and strength of a mother during this pregnancy journey. It’s an opportunity to capture her in a variety of settings and outfits to create lasting memories. 

Mother’s Solo Photoshoot 

3. With Heart Hands on the Belly Bump 

This pose indulges the pregnant wife and husband in forming cute hearts with their hands, symbolising their divine love and connection with their unborn child. It’s a trendy pose among pregnant couples that adds a gentle touch to their photoshoot. 

With Heart Hands on the Belly Bump Maternity Photoshoot

4. Flying Dress Pregnancy Photoshoot 

A woman becomes even more beautiful during her pregnancy, and a flying dress photoshoot is the best to capture that magnificent glow. In this pose, the flowing fabric complements the natural curve of her baby bump, creating a stunningly beautiful photography session. 

Flying Dress Pregnancy Photoshoot 

5. Flying Dress Maternity Shoot with Husband

An upgraded version of the flying dress photoshoot, which includes the husband as well. This adds an intimate and romantic touch to the photoshoot as the husband joins in. The husband could hug the wife from behind, plant a kiss, or just pose together or whatever else the couple likes to do. This pose indicates their welcome to this new journey. 

Flying Dress Pregnancy Photoshoot 

6. Kissing on the forehead 

This photoshoot captures the precious moment when the husband kisses the pregnant wife on the forehead. It’s a simple yet deep gesture that shows care, love, and protection. It’s perfect for highlighting the emotional bond between the couple during this special time, adding a heartfelt touch to any maternity photoshoot. 

Kissing on pregnant mother's forehead  Maternity Photoshoot

7. Father Kissing the Belly 

This maternity shoot idea captures the father bending down to kiss the pregnant wife’s cute belly, exhibiting his love and connection to the unborn child. It’s a deeply emotional moment that showcases the father’s involvement and excitement about the baby’s arrival 

Father Kissing the Belly  Maternity Photoshoot

8. In Traditional Dress with Husband   

Show off your cultural roots with this pregnancy photoshoot, where the pregnant wife wears a traditional dress and captures lovely shots with the husband. The outfit adds depth to the photos, showcasing the couple’s pride in celebrating it culturally. 

In Traditional Dress with Husband  Maternity Photoshoot

9. Revealing Gender  Photoshoot

This exciting maternity photoshoot idea captures the moment the couple reveals their baby’s gender. Using creative props like balloons, confetti, or coloured smoke, the images celebrate the joy and surprise of discovering whether it’s a boy or a girl. It’s a fun and memorable way to share the news with loved ones and cherish it forever. 

Revealing Gender  Maternity Photoshoot

10. At a Resort 

Enjoy capturing precious moments at a resort where the scenic and serene background creates the perfect backdrop for a memorable photoshoot. Captures plandids and candids by lush gardens or peaceful waters, celebrating the beauty of pregnancy in a peaceful setting. 

Maternity Photoshoot At a Resort 

11. With magnificent wings in the background (solo/couple) 

Choose a stunning photoshoot with majestic wings as a backdrop, perfect for solo portraits or couple shots. This dramatic setting adds an element of fantasy and grace, symbolising freedom and new beginnings as you prepare to welcome your new family member. 

With magnificent wings in the background Maternity Photoshoot

12. With a Cute Couple Dance  

A romantic couple dance can be portrayed in a natural and affectionate way to flex their bond to the world. Perfect pregnancy photoshoot idea for adding a dynamic and joyful element to your precious photos. 

Cute Couple Dance Maternity Photoshoot

13. With Dubai’s Wonderful Backdrops

Use Dubai’s beautiful landscapes, from the Burj Khalifa tower to peaceful desert dunes, as a backdrop for your maternity photos in Dubai. These stunning scenes add a touch of grandeur to capture this special time beautifully. 

With Dubai’s Wonderful Backdrops Maternity Photoshoot

14. Sitting with each other 

In this pregnancy photoshoot idea, the couple shares a serene moment while sitting together, holding hands, sharing a conversation, or just enjoying each other’s company. 

Sitting with each other  Maternity Photoshoot

15. With Cute Matching Fits 

Couples can wear matching outfits for a cute and coordinated look to bring the best out of your maternity photoshoot in Dubai. This idea adds a fun and sweet touch, showing your unity and excitement as you await your new baby. 

with Cute Matching Fits Maternity Photoshoot

16. At the beach 

In this pregnancy photo shoot, the beauty of your pregnancy is captured along with the soft sand and calm waves, creating a perfect backdrop for highlighting the excitement and joy of this wonderful journey. 

At the beach Maternity Photoshoot

17. Walking while Holding Hands  

Make your love as a couple the best keepsake to remember your pregnancy journey. Capture the loving bond between you and your partner, walking hand-in-hand during your maternity photoshoot. This simple yet sweet pose reflects your enthusiasm for the new arrival. 

Walking while Holding Hands  Maternity Photoshoot

18. Candid Intimate Shots 

Maternity photography poses need not be just dramatic or posed, but couples prefer unposed clicks as well. These natural, candid clicks show the real happiness of the couple without tiring the pregnant mum. These relaxed shots show the depth of a couple’s relationship while creating some heartfelt memories of this special time. 

Candid Intimate Shots Maternity Photoshoot

19.With Surrounded Balloons 

Add some fun to your pregnancy photoshoot by surrounding yourself with colourful balloons. This playful idea celebrates the joy and excitement of expecting your new arrival, making the photos lively and memorable. 

With Surrounded Balloons Maternity Photoshoot

20. With the First Sonography Photograph

Celebrate the early moments of your pregnancy by including the first sonography photo in your maternity photoshoot. This heartfelt pregnancy idea adds a special and meaningful element, capturing the joy and anticipation of meeting your little one. 

With the First Sonography Photograph  Maternity Photoshoot

21. With Tiny Baby Shoes 

Don’t forget to include tiny baby shoes in your pregnancy photoshoot ideas to symbolise the upcoming arrival of your little one. This simple yet adorable pose adds a sweet and sentimental element, highlighting the excitement and anticipation of welcoming your baby. 

Maternity Photoshoot With Tiny Baby Shoes

22. With Tiny Baby Sweater/Shirt 

Include a small baby sweater or shirt to celebrate the arrival of your young one. This heartwarming little addition to your maternity photoshoot is a unique way to welcome your child. 

Maternity Photoshoot With Tiny Baby Sweater/Shirt 

What is the Best Month for the Maternity Photoshoot?

The best time for a maternity photoshoot in dubai is typically between 28 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. During these months, your baby bump is beautifully round and prominent, exhibiting the essence of your pregnancy. At this stage, you will likely feel comfortable and safe without the physical strains that often accompany the final weeks of pregnancy. 

Safety and comfort are paramount. In the third trimester, but before the final weeks, you’ll generally have more energy and mobility, making it easier to move into different poses and enjoy the photoshoot. It’s important to listen to your body and schedule the session when you feel your best. 

Aesthetically, this period is ideal because your belly is lovely, and you are not too far along to feel overly tired or uncomfortable. Your face and body still have that pregnancy glow, adding a natural beauty to the photos. The joy and excitement of nearing your due date can be seen in your expressions, making the photos even more heartfelt. 

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Firstly, you should choose your outfit based on your comfort, which is the most important factor. Then comes the photoshoot category; choose your outfit based on your photography session.  

Suppose you’re having a flying dress pregnancy photoshoot. Then you should wear a flowy gown with lengthy clothes on your back.  

Absolutely! Pregnancy is a journey of not only the mother but the father as well. Many maternity poses in our list include both mother and father. Besides, every photoshoot category is highly customisable, so you can completely have it your way. 

Dubai offers many beautiful locations for a maternity photoshoot, such as beaches, parks, and iconic landmarks. Consider places like Jumeirah Beach, the Dubai Desert, or the Dubai Miracle Garden for stunning and unique backdrops.